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e-RAS provide outsourced Human Resource (HR) and Employment Relations (ER) Support.

Both human resources and employment relations are provided for both Employers and Employees who need advice. We also offer assistance and support with employment related matters.


These are both for persons and businesses.

  1. Employment Relations.
  2. Advocacy and Representations.
  3. Employment Tribunals.
  4. Workplace Mediation.

For Employers.

For Employers, e-RAS are a fully functioning outsourced HR (Human Resources) department. As well as a complete ER (Employment Relations) department. e-RAS guide businesses through the complexities of Human Resource and Employment Relations matters as their Business Partners.

Offering beneficial services such as company compliance check. This ensures that all policies and procedures are in line with current legislation.

  • Support on all documentation via email.
  • Keeping you up to date with changes in Employment Law.
  • Giving you practical advice on options and solution.

For Employees.

Employees contact e-RAS directly when they have a query or issue at work that they need assistance with. This can be for aid with a tribunal. Help to claim unpaid wages. As well as assistance with work place disputes.

Trade Unions.

e-RAS are affiliated to a recognised trade union. As such, e-RAS are able to provide support for trade unions. This is always under the observatory support of accredited trade union officials. The trade union support can be to individuals at formal work place meetings. Additionally, Employment Relations support extends to legal representation as well as advocacy within the Employment Tribunals.

e-RAS are a claims management company, regulated and authorised by the FCA.


e-RAS provide outsourced Human Resource (HR) and Employment Relations (ER) Support.

e-RAS provide outsourced Human Resource (HR) and Employment Relations (ER) Support.

Founded in 2005.

ERAS was formed in 2004 with the specific intention to advise employers on how best to make assertive decisions when dealing with their workforce.

Our mission is to provide solutions, solve problems and give our clients peace of mind. We guarantee to provide a professional service that will enable employers to manage their workforce and labour requirements – without fear.

Our specialist team of qualified consultants have a wealth of expertise and experience in all areas of employment law, industrial relations, human resource management and smart business solutions. Their sympathetic, open minded approach enables them to assess situations without any pre-conceived opinions.

We will professionally manage any employment matter in the utmost of confidence and have years of experience dealing with companies ranging from multi-national blue chip organisations to small, family run businesses.

Steve Ryan says:
I have been involved in every imaginable employment scenario and my experiences provide me with a platform that is unique in providing Employment Law and Employee Relations Assistance. I have spent years working to help companies resolve disputes. Now I want to supply expert advice to prevent these disputes arising in the first place.

The team offers a wide range of support services for employers with specific needs. In recent weeks, we has supplied interpreters, criminal and employment reference checks, personal security tracing and private surveillance.

The company also offers its own fully staffed payroll bureau. This can be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Also including the provision of all H M Revenue and Customs documentation and requirements.

Our Team

The e-RAS team has more than 50 years combined experience. This covers employee relations, Law plus Health and Safety in the workplace.

Tanya Ryan

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Steve Ryan



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Fully authorised & qualified in UK Employment Law.
Fully authorised & qualified in UK Employment Law.
Fully authorised & qualified in UK Employment Law.
ERAS are a claims management company, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.